The Pradhan Lady: Mrs. Ritu Sinha

The Pradhan Lady: Mrs. Ritu Sinha

In a society that likes to see women confined to kitchens, Mrs. Ritu Sinha decided to master the recipe of positive change.

Ritu is popularly known as the Pradhan in the sector 17 slum cluster of Noida. She earned this title as a result of her tireless work in helping women and children of the village.

In 2009, Navratan awarded her the Sh. F.B. Nigam Memorial Social Welfare Award to rcognise and honor her efforts.

This award was only the beginning of our association with Mrs. Sinha. Full of hope, she soon approached us to set up our skill centres for women in the village.

These centres give women an opportunity to become financially independent and get certified in tailoring. Ritu helped in setting up the location for the centres and we were able to inaugrate our first tailoring centre on 9th July 2009.

Inspired by Ritu’s determination, Mrs. Mohini Giri, former Chairperson of National Women Commisiion inaugrated the centre. Mrs. Giri encouraged Ritu to continue her work in uplifting women and children.

The success of the first centre gave wings to Ritu’s grit and determination and in the coming years she worked with Navratan to set up eight more such centres.

To this day, she is supervsing these centres which have awarded certificates to over 1000 women.

Alongside the centres, Ritu runs and serves as the principle for 12 branches of a school called Apna that has close to 900 students hailing from slums of noida.

It will not come as a surprise that she has become a force to reckon with in social welfare community of Noida. Inspired by her work, many who wish to serve the society and even political leaders seek her guidance. We applaud undying spirit.

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