Defeating Polio: Tejasvi Sharma

Defeating Polio: Tejasvi Sharma

From being diagnosed with Polio to becoming a celebrated yoga professional, Tejasvi is an inspiration for many.

Tejasvi Sharma was diagnosed with Polio as a child, but he did not let that become his shortcoming and come in the way of his dream of practicing yoga.

Tejasvi was still in school when we met him, he told us that he wants to showcase what he can do and perform yoga. We were happy to give this hardworking kid a chance to perform on our stage.

Tejasvi left everone spellbound with his magnificent yoga asanas. He was the star of the show, with everyone in awe of his flexibility and skills. We knew a star was born.

From that day, we never saw Tejasvi look back. We helped him showcase his yoga on many other platforms in Delhi NCR and soon he became a source of inspiration and role model for many youngsters.

Despite having financial troubles at home, Tejasvi didn’t give up on his education and graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. He is now persuing in post graduation. His yoga performances helped him support his education.

He now preaches yoga with Ved Mantras and continues to give permances maintaining a strict practice routine for himself. He has won many national and international awards and we hope to only see him grow.

Many of us give up so easisily and here is a boy that went against all odds to persue his true passion. We salute his hardwork and dedication.

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