Age No Bar: Col. Ram Rang Aneja

Age No Bar: Col. Ram Rang Aneja

Age no bar, dreams no bar for this 90 year old retired amry officer.

At first glance, former Indian Army officer, Col Ram Ran Anej appears to be an old 90 year old leading a retirment life. Take it from us, don’t let his age and apperance fool you, he is a man full of suprises.

We first met him through our Navratan president in 2006. Col. Ram Ran Anej is a music enthusiast and lovs to sing.

At Navratan, our stage is open for such passionate individuals and so Col. Ram Ran Anej first performed on the stage of Navratan’s Annual Function in 2007 at the age of 79.

He was an instant hit with the crowd of over 1500 people and received a standing ovation. He also left us all with an important learning: It is never too late to persue your dreams.

This was the first of many performances he gave at various other functions and plaforms.

He wanted to do more, so Col. followed Navratan’s footsteps of to start his own NGO called Dwarka Sur Snagam.

At the NGO, he mentors talented individuals with a keen interest in music. He introduced these people to the world of music and continutes to nurture them as singers.

Going strong at the age of 90, he has quite a following of youngsters and senior citizens alike. His music keeps him young and us inspired.

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