Founder’s Profile

The man behind Navratan Foundations:

Navratan Foundations was conceived by Ashok Srivastava in 2003. A marketing honcho, who quit his corporate life to serve the community with a belief that ‘’ I will make the difference’’.
With Noida as his creative hub, he started by volunteering with several social organizations and slowly connected with the pulse of the city’s social issues.
Ashok merely is not a social entrepreneur who performs acts of charity, he has an evident desire to improve social well-being and develop projects with a long-term vision.
He strongly felt the need to develop skill development centers for women to impart basic tailoring and stitching training.  With a first in year 2009, it has grown to 31 centers in 2017.
He dreamt of Noida being culturally rich and ventured on a journey to unearth unseen talent in art and music by conducting stage shows and giving platform to thousands of raw talent and many of them are an industry name today.
An exceptionally talented speaker, Ashok has the God gift to mesmerize anyone with his wit and humor.
As a social thinker, Noida knows him as a visionary for social advancement. The local media carries his thoughts on various social issues and he is seen debating on almost all platforms in the city on issues concerning the wellbeing of people of Noida.
Ashok firmly believes in words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama “It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.”-