Are we socially conscious!

We live in a digital age and with technology at our fingertips, we find it so convenient to share a viewpoint.
We all have a point of view and a story to tell about social issues and their impact on society- a subject of discussion in forums, streets, colleges and homes.

But are we socially conscious?
Most of us believe that our social responsibility includes service to others. But we need to understand that it all first starts from within us, for our self, then family, neighborhood and then the society.

We need to bring a social change within our daily life. Saving water while watering plants, minimum use of air conditioner, not wasting drinking water, non-use of plastic bag, saving electricity …. And the list is long.

To lead by example and be the change we wish to be in society is something we need to follow like religion.
The word is ISR (Individual Social Responsibility- a tool for social change) It’s all about an individual becoming responsible in his actions that have effect on communities outside and within his circle.

And believe me, it is not hard. We just need to think and act differently and start from our homes. A simple thing like talking care of old parents .If 60% of us do it, old age home will not be required. If we plant trees and air purifying plants in our homes, we take first step to save environment. One day in a week if we do not use petrol and diesel vehicles, we give our small contribution to control pollution.

The biggest issue is that we wait for the government, ngo’s and others to tell about the TO DO and NOT TO DO list .We wait for others to take the first step and we follow- sometimes though!

We need to have a strong ambition to contribute to sustainable growth and to make a difference to our family, friends and the society at large.

It’s our life and if we need to gift a good future to our children, we must act NOW..

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

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