Women Empowerment refers to strengthening the social and economic powers of women.  Navratan strongly believes that skill Development is the key to improving household productivity, employability and income earning opportunities for women and also enhancing sustainable rural development and livelihoods of the entire family.

Skill development for employability will be used As an agent of change in promoting women’s employment.

Taking this thought forward with a vision to empower women and use skill as an agent, Navratan created a project called ‘ASTITVA’- where women from remote villages and slums get vocational and skill training.

The following activities are being carried out by the foundation since July 2009

Women Tailoring Training Centers

A six months certificate course has been adapted to train women in  basics of cutting, stitching and tailoring so that they can gain enough skill to start working in any establishment or create their own self employed venture.

Currently, Navratan Foundations has opened 31 Women Tailoring Training Centers.  They are located in Noida at

 JJ Colony Sector-17  Bans Balli Market Slum  Sector-8, Khoda Colony
 Village Chotpur, Salarpur  Surajpur, Police Lines Surajpur  Shramik Kunj Sector-93
 EWS Sector-71  Village Nithari  Village Morna
 Village Kanarsi  Village Rustampur, Dankaur  Village Zewar
 Village Choroli  Village Roshanpura  Village Thasrana
 Village Sadarpur  Village Chhalera  Village Chholas
 Village Noorpur  Village Ranolee Lateefpur  Village Khairpur, Bulandshahr
 Village Kakod  Village Vailana  Village Jawa
 Village Vair, Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad  GD Colony, Mayur Vihar-III, Delhi  Village Surajpur


After the completion of  the Certificate course in Tailoring,  Navratan Foundations helps  the women to support their living by providing assistance in the following areas:

A) Getting a suitable Tailoring job in any export house, boutique etc.
Starting their own venture such as small Tailoring Shop.
C) Getting stitching job from export units in their house.

Women Personal Hygiene

Sanitationa much ignored issue, is one of the biggest health determinants for women in India today. Access to a toilet, clean drinking water, hygienic surroundings and sanitary pads are elementary things, the absence of which is widespread, with disastrous health consequences. Navratan campaigns regularly to create awareness and take message of  personal hygiene to rural women   and  also facilitate   free supply of sanitary napkins and supports various organizations to create toilets.

Women Counseling

Women counseling trainees in slums and villages generally work under very odd circumstances.  Because of this they become depressed, stressed and disoriented.  They need a sense of direction, motivation and  enough data and material to conduct their job effectively.

Navratan has been acting as a support system to these trainees and regularly enhance their knowledge through expert female counselors .Result has been overwhelming in many cases but  still a lot of work is required in this area.